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4 Most Important Case Studies

Search engine optimization is a field that rewards innovation, but also encourages learning from others. We can gain valuable insight from looking at the successes of other sites, and learn what not to do from examining their failures.

While general advice and observations about SEO can obviously do a lot to inform strategy, sometimes we benefit even more from diving deep into specific examples. By doing so, we can anticipate and prepare for challenges we might face if we attempt similar things, or spark ideas for new ways of going about optimizing our sites and pages. Here are four of the most noteworthy SEO case studies of the last year.

Case Studies

Andrew Dennis’ Traffic Bonanza

In this article, SEO expert Andrew Dennis describes how his company turned a brand-new (unnamed) website into a traffic magnet, without using any underhanded techniques or dirty tricks. The method he went about is a great roadmap for anyone starting a site with SEO in mind (although some of his recommendations can work just as well for established sites.) Dennis describes how his company began by targeting keywords with low competition, marked by SERPs with poor-quality results. He delves into how they proceeded to build up links from other sites, using Creative Commons photos to increase backlinks and building a content strategy based on undermining competitors. It’s a perfect example of working smarter, not harder.

Robbie Richards’ Powerhouse Post

In this detailed case study, Richards describes how he was able to score more than 20,000 page views with a single post for his client, a drone company. This case study is of particular interest to anyone working in tech sales, but its specific instructions on how to take a single post from the bottom of Google to the #1 result is applicable to nearly any industry. The case study elaborates on how to use popular posts to build an e-mail list and generate leads, as the post in question generated 2,335 email opt-ins (meaning 10% of organic page views resulted in an opt-in).

Dmitry Dragilev’s High Volume Heist

This case study describes how Dragilev, working for sales CRM software company Pipedrive, secured the top spot for a high volume keyword in just three months, a staggering accomplishment. How’d he do it? A combination of cunning keyword research, internal and external link-building, guest posting, and precise implementation of on-page SEO and engagement metrics. While this process required 3 people’s focus for over 3 months, the techniques Dragilev’s team used can be implemented on a smaller scale with relative ease.

Glenn Allsopp’s Facebook Finesse

Facebook’s advertising is remarkably affordable, and can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. In this case study, Glen Allsopp breaks down how he was able to spend a meager amount on Facebook ads and generate massive amounts of traffic in under a week. Allsopp’s tips are not limited to people looking for paid traffic, though; he is eager to point out that many of the methods he used work equally well for organic SEO, so regardless of whether you’re going for organic or PPC traffic, there’s something to learn.

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