Before we jump to the best comparison of the year 2022-23 I would like to ask you some basic questions which help you to set expectations from this article. Or you can jump to the comparison, click here {Link to Let’s Compare Section} Does your business require a website? Every business needs a website. Every […]

Before we jump to the best comparison of the year 2022-23 I would like to ask you some basic questions which help you to set expectations from this article. Or you can jump to the comparison, click here {Link to Let’s Compare Section}

Does your business require a website?

Every business needs a website. Every businessman (or businesswoman) wants to have a website for their business to be loved by their customers, and generate revenue for them. According to a survey “81%” of customers visit the website of a business before they buy any product or service. This fact makes one thing very clear which is that you cannot take your website lightly. Your website reflects your brand and thus it should be built on the right platform.

A website is a website, but how is the platform important?

Small Businesses and large corporations also need a Content Management System (CMS) which provide key features, functionality and characteristics of the product or service they deal with. Though the information is static, many need to make changes frequently. Like offers, prices, upcoming launches, testimonials, contact details, and experience of the product or service on the website visually. So, the website should be easy to build and much easier to customize and change when required. If it requires large coding and technical know-how the cost associated with it is large. So, selecting the right platform is very crucial for the business owner.

Which (WordPress or Webflow) is a good website builder for website design?

In this blog, we will be only talking about the two best (and most famous) website builders, WordPress and Webflow. Website builder is a software or platform which allows you to create a website by dragging and dropping. You can select a theme based on your purpose. Be it e-Commerce, CMS, portfolio or any other in similar nature. All these builders allow you to do customization by using HTML and CSS as per your business needs. A few of these options are:

To read more about how to choose the right web builder read our blog on it by clicking here. {Future Blog Topic Link}

Let’s Compare WordPress and Webflow

We are going to compare the following things for both website builders:

Market Statistics of Platforms


Founded in 2003

Webflow is used by 0.9% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 0.6% of all websites.


Founded in 2013

Key Features of WordPress:

• Excellent user interference.
• Super easy for beginners
• Flexible and adaptative
• Variety of Free and Paid Themes and Plugin
• Sites built with WordPress rank highly
• Universal Responsive Development
• Inbuilt blog functionality
• Customizable User Interface (UI)
• SEO-friendly (search engines)
• High Performance
• Mobile apps for managing your site on the go
• High-Security Website
• Powerful media management
• Easy and accessible
• Huge community

Key Features of Webflow:

• Design visual layouts with CSS grids.
• Each component generates clean code in webflow
• The editor allows to make edits directly on your website and update with one click.
• SEO is essential, so Webflow takes care of it.
• Hosting is integrated from AWS
• SaaS application so always updated
• Responsive page designs and website design features
• Work with reusable CSS classes
• Work with Flexbox
• SSL is integrated

The upside of WordPress

WordPress is completely free to use. Also, affordable if you choose paid themes.
You have full control over customization and are thus able to give desired outputs
Thousands of plugins and third-party tools make WordPress easy to create stunning websites
Easy to start. A beginner can make a basic website in hours with help of ready-made themes
Since WordPress is the market leader you will get almost each third-party plugin
Extremely user-friendly interface

The upside of Webflow:

• Freedom to create completely customized websites without the need for any coding
• Creating animations and interactions become so easy without any coding
• Integrated SEO tool so no need for an extra plugin
• Integrated yet powerful hosting from AWS.
• SSL certificate is included
• Check responsiveness on go for desktops, tablets and mobiles
• All updates and maintenance included with plans

The downside of WordPress:

• Requires regular updates and maintenance
• Chances of hacking are high due to open-source resources
• Themes can be heavy to load sometime

The downside of Webflow:

• User Interface is too complicated for beginner web designers
• High on price compared to another web builder
• Not so good customer support due to new and small community.

Ultimate Comparison of WordPress and Webflow – Key Difference Summary:

• Attribute of Comparison
• WordPress
• Webflow
• Easy of Development
• Very Easy for Beginner
• Not so easy for beginner
• Cost
• Completely free
• Start with $12 per month
• Hosting
• Can choose any Hosting based on budget and requirement
• Have to go with integrated hosting which is AWS
• Loading Speed
• Good but some theme takes more time. Also depend on Hosting
• High as high quality AWS hosting
• SEO Optimised
• Full control on SEO with help of third party plugin
• Inbuilt SEO tool
• Time to Build Website
• Within Hours you can live website with ready-made themes
• Takes more time compare to WordPress
• Maintenance
• Regular update and maintenance require as open source
• Due to SaaS no need to worry. System itself make it.

Our Statement for WordPress vs Webflow:

Choice of the Web builder is very important for business. Based on their requirement and expectation from the website they can choose the right web builder. {Link to future blog}

If you are starting your new website and you just want your website to be visited by a small amount of traffic and you need full control, then we strongly suggest WordPress.

In case you have a big vision and spending high on SEO and other digital marketing services, where you expect huge traffic on your website, you should choose Webflow. However, make sure you have good coding knowledge.

Important alert for business owners:

If you are a business and you don’t know about technology and want your website to perform and generate leads for your business then you don’t need to choose the right web builder. You need to choose the right digital marketing agency for your requirement. And you are in the right place. We at Web Brilliant, LLC will suggest to you the best option for your website requirement. Have a look at how our process works by visiting our website development page.

Trust us and grow your business!